Hotel Management Professionals


  • Encouraging our staff members to wash hands, gargle and cough with etiquette.

    Encouraging our staff members to wash and sanitize hands and fingers before, during and after work. Also, monitoring the health condition of our staff members through temperature measurement.

    Encouraging our staff members to refrain from unnecessary long-distance trips and travelings to some domestic areas and overseas.

    If our staff members have a fever, cough or other symptoms, we are instucting our staff memebers to refrain from work and encouraging them to visit medical institutions. If any staff member has a fever with a body temperature of 37.5C degrees or higher, we encourage the staff member to stay home immediately.

    In addition to the regular sanitization of our guest rooms, restaurants, public space, bathrooms, and other areas, we carefully disinfect the areas that often have a high level of contact, such as doorknobs in the back office rooms where our hotel staff work, and handrails over the stairs.

    If any guest is confirmed of having a fever of over 37.5 C degrees during the stay, please notify the frontdesk immediately. If the fever is confirmed, we politely ask the guest(s) to refrain from using public areas. At the breakfast area, we ask all guests to check the body temperature.

Business Overview

Management Contract

We make hotel mangement contracts with hotel owners. We dispatch the key staff members, including a general manager, and also make an arrangement for employees to operate the hotel. There will be more profit for the owners. Since we also offer support for making franchise agreements, with domestic and international hotel brands, we can make it possible to operate a hotel with standards that meet the owners' expectations.

ManagementContract_fig ManagementContract_fig

Hotel Management Consulting

We practice numerical analysis based on actual business performance in order to optimize costs and improve profit margins. For sales improvement, we can provide effective and powerful support through sales and marketing.

HotelManagementConsulting_fig HotelManagementConsulting_fig

Hotel Development Consulting

We make arrangements for hotel business support including: hotel branding, FFE and OSE procurement for hotel development, marketing planning, laborforce plannning, and Pro forma inspection. Also, we take care of contracting with each vendor, franchisor and operator for the business. We participate in the hotel's regular meetings and subcommittee meetings to make a profitable business. After opening, it is possible for our subsidery company to work as a master lease and operator.

HotelDevelopmentConsulting_fig HotelDevelopmentConsulting_fig

Master Lease Agreement

We make a rental lease contract with the owners for buildings and equipment and manage the entire hotel operation. As our company or our subsidiary company hires the employees for the hotel, the owners can reduce some management risks.

MasterLeaseAgreement_fig MasterLeaseAgreement_fig


Management Contract

HOTEL Petit Suite Sogenji Sekimon

We started operating "Petit Suite Sogenji Sekimon" on Sogenji Street, Naha City from September 18, 2023.

This is a private stay inn that takes full advantage of the blessings of history and nature and is limited to 5 groups per day.
It is equipped with functions to support your stay as if you were living there.

Management Contract

Luxury Accommodation SOMA RESIDENCE

We started operating a residence-type hotel in Hakuba.

(Scheduled to open in July 2023)

Relax and unwind amidst Soma’s surrounds in this 165 square meter residence appointed with two bedrooms. Traditional Japanese entrance lobby and expansive high ceilings with exposed timber beams in the living and dining rooms.

Management Contract

Bestwestern Okinawa Kouki Beach

Hotel Bestwestern Okinawa Kouki Beach, a resort hotel located at Okinawa, has commenced operations since May 2022.

An on-the-beach hotel with an emerald sea.
3 minutes by car from the highway exit,Very good access to Naha city and airport.

Management Contract

Bestwestern Okinawa Onna Beach

Hotel Bestwestern Okinawa Onna Beach, a resort hotel located at Okinawa, has commenced operations since May 2022.

A discerning hideaway hotel in a quiet residential area.
There is a luxurious natural white sand beach in front of you with a very calm atmosphere.

Management Contract

Hotel Springs MAKUHARI

Hotel Springs Makuhari, a city hotel located near Kaihin Makuhari Station on the JR Keiyo Line, has commenced operations since November 2020.

The lobby boasts an European style, and the guest rooms showcase comfortable and modern vibes.
There are 259 rooms altogether.The new building is also equipped with a theater hall that has a seating capacity of 556.

Management Contract

NOVOTEL Okinawa Naha.

One of our directly managed properties: NOVOTEL Okinawa Naha. Completely renovated and reopened on September 13, 2018 under the NOVOTEL brand, the superior hotel brand presented by the French Accor Hotels. The hotel carries an elegant and peaceful atmosphere of the Ryukyu dynasty and a comfortable and sophisticated space. The hotel provides 328 guest rooms and an infinity pool.


  • joined EastGate in January 2017 as a Managing Director (Head of Asset Management). Hiroyuki previously worked for Solare Hotels and Resorts, as the Deputy President. He was responsible for asset management and hotel operations for all assets managed by the company. Prior to this, he was at Hudson Japan and Jones Lang LaSalle, where he was involved in various commercial property development and management. He also has a working experience in overseas (Australia and Indonesia) for more than ten years, mainly as asset & project manager.
  • - 2020:
    Joined East Gate Hospitality Cooperation. In charge of the operation of Novotel Okinawa Naha Hotel. Also, provided advisery services for domestic hotels and new opening projects.

    - 2014:
    Joined Fino Hotels Co., Ltd. After 3 years of general management experience at Sapporo Hotel (with 240 guest rooms), transferred to the head office in 2017. Responsible for profit improvement and new opening operations for 7 hotels in the Eastern Japan region.

    - 2005:
    Joined Solare Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. In charge of travel agency sales as a deputy director of the Eastern Japan/Tokyo metropolitan area sales office.

Company Profile

Company Name EastGate Hospitality k.k.
Office Location Roppongi Hills Tower F37, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6137, Japan
Foundation Date December 27,2019
Capital 5,000,000 JPY
Representative President, Hiroyuki Oki
Business and Services Hotel Management, Management Consulting, Development Consulting, Master Lease Agreement
Affiliates EGW Asset Management Inc.

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Privacy Policy

In order to protect personal information of you, we hereby declare that we will comply with the Protection of Personal Information Law as well as all other related laws and regulations, establish our own guidelines and system in consideration of international trends, and carry and maintain the privacy policy as follows:

  • (1) We will take reasonable measure to obtain, use and provide the appropriate personal information that is necessary for our business coverage and scale.
  • (2) We specify the purposes of use of the obtained personal information as follows and will use it only to the extent required to achieve such purposes, except for cases where we obtain the prior consent from the person concerned or use of personal information is permitted by the laws and regulations.
    The purposes of use include the following purposes related to the operation of Investment Management Business, Investment Advisory and Agency Business, Type II Financial Instruments Business and other businesses we may operate and ancillary business thereof (including the business we will be permitted to operate):
    1. To perform tasks regarding transactions, contracts, etc. with the person concerned and/or business contacts;
    2. To verify identification of the person concerned, business contacts necessary in the course of our business;
    3. To provide information, dispatch of materials and contact in the course of our business;
    4. To exercise rights and/or fulfill obligations pursuant to contracts and/or laws, regulations, etc.;
    5. To perform businesses concerning transactions conducted by us, acquisition, brokerage, sale, transfer, leasing or real property management of invested assets regarding the person concerned, or information gathering, research, analysis and discussion on these matters (including but not limited to legal research and credit research);
    6. To appropriately and smoothly implement any other transactions with the person concerned and business contacts;
    7. To seek advices or services from independent professionals including attorneys at law, certified public accountants, certified tax accountants, real estate appraisers and judicial scriveners, etc. in order to achieve the above purposes;
    8. To use for human resources and labor management, employment selection/hiring procedures, and communication and procedures after resignation in relation to our officers and employees (including prospective employee and retired employee).
  • (3) We will not disclose personal information to a third party except in the following cases:
    • A case where personal information is disclosed with the consent of the person concerned;
    • A case where the disclosure of personal information is required by the law;
    • A case where the disclosure of personal information is required to protect human lives, physical safety and property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned;
    • A case where the handling of personal information is entrusted to the extent necessary for achieving the use purpose; and
    • A case where personal information is disclosed to the successor as a result of business succession due to merger, corporate division, business transfer or other similar transactions.
  • (4) We will comply with the Protection of Personal Information Law and other related laws and regulations, guidelines and rules established by the governmental authority.
  • (5) We will take reasonable measures to keep personal information accurate and updated, and to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or loss, destruction, falsification and leakage thereof.
  • (6) We will establish our "Personal Information Protection Management System", carry it into effect steadily, maintain it and take reasonable measure to improve it continuously.
  • (7) We will promptly and sincerely respond to the inquiries of our customer with respect to the personal information and requests for disclosure of the personal information.